An Open Apology from Snarky Seagull!

An Open Apology from Snarky Seagull!

Hey Guys!

This is not easy. But here goes. On behalf of my past behavior, I'm here to apolgize.

For all the stolen bags of chips, french fries, hot dogs, tacos, ice cream cones, and bagels I may have helped myself too, my sincerest apologies.

For all the times I pillaged your BBQ when you went it to grab another beer, or rummaged through your Tote Bag while you took a dip, I'm sorry, okay? (but seriously some of the things I found in those tote bags...)

To my defense, would you eat seaweed?  Your beach snacks were always a much tastier choice (especially those Salt 'n Vinegar chips)!

But I promise I won't go stalkin' for your munchies ever again ... however I can't vouche for any other members of my family, they're OG Gangsta Gulls from Jersey. Nuff said.

As for me, SNARKY SEAGULL, I'm legit now with my very own webstore ...

It's my start in business. A respectful way for this Gull to make a living ... and buy his own old bay chips! 

On my webstore, you'll see all the NEW things I'm doin' now ... like surfing!  


There's just one thing. Bacon. If you bring it to the beach, I cannot guarantee that I won't swoop down for a little taste, unless of course, it's turkey bacon. 




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