Our Story

Just like the persistent Snarky Seagull never give up…

There was once a little girl who remembers a warmed flagstone front porch from a little house on the Jersey Shore. There she would listen to the cries of the laughing gulls. Sometimes one would perch himself defiantly on the ‘telephone pole’ right in front of her house. She wondered, Are you the same Seagull who tried to take my ice cream on the beach today?
Truth be told, she was a lot like that Snarky Seagull … because she could only buy her ice cream with the coins that fell through the slats of the wooden boardwalk… coins that she carefully lifted-up by putting her sticky bubble gum on the tip of a long stick.
Decades later, her little house and porch are but a memory, but the tenacious Seagulls remain…and so does the persistence of that little girl, now grown older, who still believes in the power of fishin’ for quarters … because maybe there’s another little house with a warm flagstone porch hiding under there.
  Snarky Seagull ~ Created in 2020 ~ Inspired by a Lifetime 



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